What’s the Difference Between Bounce Energy, Suppliers and My Utility?

At Bounce Energy, we look for the best electricity and natural gas rates and switch your supplier for you, helping you save money on your bills. We do this by working with suppliers and your local utility. So, what exactly are Bounce Energy, suppliers and the utility, and how do they affect you?


Your local utility owns and maintains the electricity and natural gas lines and meters leading to your home. Your utility is responsible for:

  • Turning your home’s electricity and gas on or off
  • Reading your meter to report how much gas or electricity you use each month
  • Billing you for your usage

The utility company that serves your home depends on where you live.

In addition to managing the flow of energy to your home, your utility also offers rates and plans in the marketplace. When you sign up for an electricity or gas plan and rate, you can choose to sign up either directly with your utility or with a supplier.


Deregulated energy means customers can choose to switch away from the utility and sign up with a supplier. This means you have more variety, more competitive rates and better plans to choose from.

Suppliers provide competitive energy rates and plans that you can sign up with. When you shop for electricity or natural gas, you can compare many rates and plans to find the one that best suits your home. When you’re signed up with a supplier, the supplier will appear as a line item on your energy bill.

Bounce Energy

We’re basically your own personal shopper for electricity and natural gas (fancy, right?). Everyone wants a great energy rate, but it can be time-consuming and overwhelming to shop for one on your own. That’s where Bounce Energy comes in – we do all the research and rate hunting for you and even switch you to new suppliers on your behalf. 

Once we enroll you with a supplier, we make sure your service is running smoothly and continue to shop for better rates. All you do is sit back and relax. You wouldn’t ever have to check on your energy plan, unless you wanted to check out how much money you’re saving.

How do Bounce Energy, my supplier and my utility work together?

When you sign up with a supplier, your supplier connects to your utility using your utility account number and lets your utility know who you’re buying energy from and what your rate is. Your utility then uses this information for your energy bill each month.

When you sign up with Bounce Energy, we use your utility account number and your utility login information to check your rate, sign you up with new suppliers, track your savings and make sure your service is running smoothly. With Bounce Energy, we would sign up for suppliers on your behalf and work with your supplier to complete the above enrollment process for you.   

Learn more about how Bounce Energy connects to your utility account.