Here’s How It Works:

  1. You enroll online with Bounce Energy. Use our Savings Calculator to enter your bill amount and usage information from your utility bill to determine if we can save you money. If you are already enrolled in the lowest energy rate, you can still sign up with the assurance that we are always on the hunt for better rates. We do not require you to sign a contract.
  2. We review and analyze your bill from your current energy supplier to determine how much you’re currently spending, which could take up to 14 days. This allows us to search the market for better energy rates.
  3. We switch suppliers for you. As soon as we find a better rate, our dedicated team handles the switching – you won’t have to worry about any paperwork. We will only sign you up with suppliers that have zero early termination fees, so there’s no risk if we switch you to a new supplier mid-contract.
  4. You enjoy the savings without any of the effort. We’ll charge you $9.99 a month and you’ll keep paying your utility bills with a lower energy rate. No searching, no switching, no hassle. 
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Why Bounce Energy?

In Pennsylvania, you have the freedom to shop around for the energy plan that best fits your lifestyle. But with over 130 energy providers, term options and fees, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

That’s where Bounce Energy comes in. We believe something as essential as energy shouldn’t be stressful. For just $9.99 a month, we monitor offers daily to identify the one that works best for you and switch you automatically. You’ll be on your way to lower energy bills without lifting a finger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bounce Energy is one of Pennsylvania’s only full-service utility brokers. What does that mean? We find you a better energy rate and switch your energy supplier for you. As long as your credit card is in good standing, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Once we get your bill from your current supplier, we analyze your current rates and fees and search for better rates among competitive retail suppliers in your area. Then, we compare your current rate to the rate we select for you to determine how much you’ll save.

We have a dedicated team who knows the ins and outs of the utility suppliers in your area. They check the market daily, and when they find you a better rate, they will create an account with your new supplier, cancel your old one, and get you saving right away.

Learn more about Bounce Energy on our FAQ page.

*Bounce will meet or beat the standard utility rate over 24 consecutive months.

**First 2 months free is for a limited time only. Applies to service fee only. Regular price $9.99 per month. Bounce, at its sole discretion, will search the available energy market and enroll you in an energy plan in accordance with your service terms and conditions. You are subject to all third party terms of service, privacy policies and all other applicable terms and conditions. You may cancel your service with Bounce at any time. Bounce Energy is affiliated with Direct Energy, a retail energy provider in your service area and in connection with the delivery of Bounce’s services, you may be placed on an energy plan that is provided by Direct Energy or other Bounce affiliates.